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A quick look at my portfolio should help to understand what moves and motivates me:

Related & Influential Books: could help to guess my way of thinking

Some stuff I have created: a few IT projects, blogs, websites...

Extra courses, workshops and conferences: could help to understand the path I'm following


Related & Influential Books



Some stuff I have created

Long term projects:

Short term projects:

Websites and blogs:

  • you can find articles about entrepreneurship, computer stuff, my everyday adventures in China... (Some articles in English and some in Spanish)
  • website I did for the business of my father. If the website of EducaInventions had to be very spectacular, the website of my father had to be simple and serious. I'm proud of the little marketing research we did to carefully choose the text of the website.
  • they asked me to redisign their website to look as an old radio because this is the oldest independent radio station of Spain. The design task of modifing a WordPress theme of such as crazy WordPress full of conflictive plugins was a beautiful challenge for me, so I decided to include in my portfolio :)
  • finally, I uploaded this website I did when I was a kid for being remembered (about our soccer team!). It is still fun :)



Before focusing all my energy in our social Startup, I have been volunteer of a few communities:

Extra courses, workshops and conferences

(the bold ones are my favourites)

2015.01-03 MOOC Gamification (University of Pennsylvania). Gamification is the application of game elements and digital game design techniques to non-game problems, such as business and social impact challenges
2015.01 Perfect Workflow in Sublime Text 2 
2014.11-12 MOOC Startup Engineering (Stanford University). Bridges the gap between academic computer science and production software engineering
2014.10-12 MOOC Unlocking the Immunity to Change: A New Approach to Personal Improvement (Harvard University)
2014.10 MOOC User Experience for the Web.
2014.09-10 MOOC Online Advertising 2014.08-09 MOOC Human Resources (HR)
2014.07-08 MOOC Leadership: Identity, Influence and Power
2014.03-04 MOOC Desarrollo en HTML5, CSS y Javascript de WebApps, incluyendo móviles FirefoxOS
2014.03-04 MOOC Agilidad y Lean. Gestionando los proyectos y negocios del s. XXI (2ª edición)
2014.03-04 MOOC Innotools: Transforma tu idea de negocio (2ª edición)
2014.03 Training course “Express Tolerance through Dance and Music” (Armenia)
2014.01-02 MOOC Diseño, Organización y Evaluación de videojuegos y gamificación
2013.03 Conferencia ¿Cómo puede ayudarme Twitter en la internacionalización de mi perfil profesional?
2012.10 Seminario Comunicar Eficazmente
2012.09 Formación Inicial de Profesores de Español como Lengua Extranjera del Instituto Cervantes
2012.04 Taller Posicionamiento Online y Redes Sociales
2011-2012 Chinese course at the Confucius Institute in Wroclaw (Poland)
2011.06 Conferencia Emoción versus razón en el cerebro humano
2011.06 Conferencia Emprendedores Sociales
2011.04 Curso Creatividad Audiovisual Interactiva (Málaga)
2010.11 Curso de oratoria y retórica
2010.03 Curso Smile! (medicina de payasos o medicina de la risa)