Tutorial: howto install and configure Gradle plugin for eclipse easily (and add dependencies from the Maven repository)

Right now, the best integrated Gradle Plugin for Eclipse, according to the Gradle webpage, is the plugin made by the SpringSource STS team. This plugin is very easy to install and it is all what you need to use Gradle in Eclipse.

Howto install it
In Eclipse, go to Help – Install New Software, we add the repository: http://dist.springsource.com/release/TOOLS/update/e4.2
(if this repository doesn’t work for you, all the Spring repositories are on: http://www.springsource.org/STS-installation-instructions)
Then, search Gradle IDE in the respository and install it. That’s all!

Howto create a new Graddle Project
In Eclipse, New – Other – Gradle Project.

Howto add a dependency from the Maven repository
You have to look for it at: http://search.maven.org/
Then, click on the lastest version (or another if you wish) and copy the Grails code.
In Eclipse, open the file build.gradle, and copy the Grails code inside the block: dependencies {}
Notice: maybe you have to refresh dependencies. It can be done through right click on the project, Gradle, Refresh dependencies.

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  1. Worked!!! I was not able to install Gradle through Eclipse Market Place because of the “The following solutions are not available” problem, but it installed smoothly as you proposed.

    Thank you very much.

  2. Can I give you some tips? You may delete this comment after doing the changes.

    1 – The following snippet of your post “Howto create a new Graddle Project”, I believe you have an extra “d” on “Graddle”.
    2 – The latest version of the repository is 4.4 instead of 4.2 (to make sure it works on the new Eclipse Luna):
    3 – Thanks again for contributing with the community.

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