Después de mucho buscar, me di cuenta que no era problema ni de Grails (2.2.3), ni de Tomcat, ni de MySQL. ¡Era de la configuración de Eclipse! Solución: En Eclipse, click derecho al proyecto – Project -Properties – Resources  Seleccionar: UTF-8 en el apartado Text File Encoding Los archivos se redecodificarán a UTF-8. Nota importante: […]


I did not find any easy way to do it on Internet, so I hope it helps you! I’ll go straight to the point. This is an extract of the code: ArcadeTongame_editor.emf: (…)@gmf.node(figure=”figures.In”, label.icon=”false”, label.placement=”none”, tool.small.bundle=”Eugenia_ArcadeTongame”, tool.small.path=”icons/In32.ico”)class In extends Element {   attr boolean isStart;}(…) figures/ package figures;import;import;import org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Display;import org.eclipse.draw2d.ImageFigure;public class In extends ImageFigure […]

If you need extra performace, you can stop some services TEMPORARY thanks to the MS-DOS command NET. Later, you can enable them again with a simple double click. I upload my example scripts and NET program in my personal page:  It is quite ease to create your own script: – Firstly you can get […]


I prefer the Chinese online free dictionaries available, but if you need to use an offline translator, this is the conclusion of my research of English-Chinese dictionaries for English speakers: Free dictionary: In the same web I actually recommend the next dictionaries between the more than two hundred available (Simplified Chinese)! Diccionario Oxford Advanced […]


La mejor fuente que he encontrado para compartir canciones en chino y también en otros idiomas asiáticos es, sin duda alguna esta: Consejo: para poder descargar hay que presentarse adecuadamente y siguiendo sus instrucciones Si queremos que, además de ver los caracteres chinos, se visualicen los caracteres pinyin, se puede realizar un procedimiento muy […]

I have been using some content management systems like Joomla, but I was looking for something simpler. I tried like 40 different CMS, and the choosen one was: gpEasy 2.2. It is free, so the least I can do is let it know! gpEasy: And it is my webpage: (when I created this entry, it was:, […]